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Normatec Compression

Better Circulation With Compression

Discover why the top athletes are wearing these big black boots after their workouts. Compression therapy can help you perform better and recover faster!

What Is Compression Therapy?

Pulse massage patterns are used to boost recovery. The idea is that by increasing the blood flow to specific parts of the body, you can speed up recovery, relieve pain, and improve athletic performance. This is because when the blood flow is increased that means the body gets more oxygen and nutrients in those areas. At Tru, we have the leg, arm, and torso attachments for full-body recovery.

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Why Normatec?

Normatec uses a unique pneumatic compression system that mimics natural muscle pump action. You first insert your limb into the sleeves that are inflated. The compressed air is massaged up the limb squeezing all the pain-causing fluid and lactic acid out of it. The limb is then replenished with fresh blood.

Why should I try it?

There are many benefits to trying compression therapy including:

Enhanced Circulation And Lymphatic System Function

Enhances blood flow and stimulates lymphatic system function by applying intermittent pressure to the limbs. Results in accelerated healing and reduced recovery times.

Decrease Pain And Soreness

It reduces inflammation and delayed onset muscle soreness that happens after working out. Compression aids in the removal of metabolic by products that contribute to muscle soreness

Improved Range Of Motion And Flexibility

Helps relax tight muscles, decreases muscle stiffness, and increases joint mobility.

Faster Recovery And Injury Prevention

Increasing oxygenated blood flow to the muscles and reducing swelling, it promotes tissue repair and regeneration.

Perform Better And Recover Faster!

Come in and try the Normatec compression therapy today to get back on that grind faster! We also have other pain relief and recovery services. Come in to Tru today to them out for yourself!

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