X-Tone Muscle Tone Fat Removal

Strengthen and Increase Muscle while Reducing Fat

The X-Tone is a high energy focused electromagnetic muscle stimulator and body shaping instrument that strengthen muscles, reduces swelling, relieves pain and removes unwanted fat deposits. This technology, called high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) field technology, induces short-term bursts of strong muscle contraction to increase muscle density and tone. Each X-Tone session feels like an intensive exercise yet is also pain-free; in fact, you can achieve results with the X-Tone while lying down!

Benefits of Using X-Tone

  • Gain muscle strength and density while dissolving fat
  • Selective body slimming and shaping
  • More pronounced body lines, “mermaid line” and “the vest line” clearer
  • Non-invasive hip lifting
  • Short-term treatments; 30 minutes sessions
  • Only 4 sessions are required between 2-3 days
  • Immediate results, with even more substantial gains within three months
  • Free of ionization, non-thermal, no radiation, no anesthesia or surgery
  • Suitable for everyone

How Does it Work?

The X-Tone uses an electromagnetic field of high energy electromagnetic wave technology (HIEMT) to force super-maximal and continuous muscle expansion and contraction in targeted areas of the body. In fact, during a 30-minute treatment session, targeted muscles are contracted 49,500 times! The X-Tone uses a specific range of frequencies that don’t allow the muscles to relax between successive stimulations, forcing the muscles to remain contractive for several seconds. To adapt to these extreme conditions, which requires a large amount of energy, the tissues respond with a profound transformation of their internal structure, which leads to muscle accumulation, tension, conditioning and fat-burning. Studies have shown that muscle thickness increases by an average of 15-16% after one to two months of HIEMT treatments.

The X-Tone uses three different distinct paddles to target different areas of the body during training sessions. The experts at Tru Functional Health can help you design programs that are tailored to your specific body type and overall fitness goals. For example, you can use the X-Tone to reduce abdominal fat and build a muscle foundation under the fat, helping you achieve a slimmer and more athletic body contour. You can also apply an X-Tone paddle to the buttocks during sessions, which will help you create a more weight-lifting, sporty body shape.

Recover Faster and Prevent Injury

Experience the benefits of a high-energy muscle stimulator. In just 30 minutes strengthen your muscles, reduce swelling, relieve pain, and help with prevention and recovery! We also offer other injury prevention and recovery services. Come in to Tru today to try them all out for yourself!

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