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TheraFrost Cold Plunge

Cool Down With A Plunge

Introducing TheraFrost Cold Plunge: the most advanced cold plunge system with a unique cooling system that integrates ozone into your water for purity. Learn about the newest health trend.

What Is a cold plunge?

The act of immersing yourself in icy cold water for a short period of time. Beginners generally go for 1-2 minutes and you should never go longer than 15 minutesIt can be any body of water. The optimal temperature is between 50-59 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Steps to the cold plunge

  1. Prepare your body. Make sure you are hydrated. Start with some light exercise to loosen your muscles and raise your body temperature.
  2. Slowly dip your body into the icy water, ideally up to your neck.
  3. Focus on your breathing. Your instinct will make you gasp for air. Try to take deep breaths and focus on your exhales while in the water. This will calm your body’s natural fight-or-flight response.
  4. Exit the cold plunge and warm up immediately. This will prevent your muscles from stiffening up and prevent any after effects.

Why is the Therafrost unique?

The TheraFrost Cold Plunge at Tru is unique in its ability to restructure the water. Immersing yourself in ozone has immediate positive effects on every cell in your body. It also uses gemstone technology to enhance your experience with the earth’s energies.

Why should I try it?

There are many benefits to taking a cold plunge including:

Enhance Your Mood And Focus

A cold plunge at 57 degrees Fahrenheit causes a 250% increase in dopamine which is the happy hormone. When the body endures cold it triggers neurotransmitters to help regulate emotions and stress. People feel a sense of “high” when getting out. 

Reduce Inflammation And Soreness

Ice baths constrict blood flow in affectd areas. The healing comes when you get out. After stepping out, your body’s natural reaction is to push blood back into those areas as fast as possible. This reduces inflammation and delayed onset muscle soreness from working out.  

Improve Recovery And Performance

A study was done with two athletic groups working out and one group cold plunged afterwards. The cold plunge group had significantly more power at 24 hours after the plunge. 

Improve Your Immune System

A study in the Netherlands showed that cold water exposure leads to fewer sick days at work. It also increases the production of white blood cells in the body which helps fight infection

Improve Resilience And Reduce Stress

You can build mental fortitude because you’re facing a deliberate state of stress. Adapting to the shock of an ice water plunge improves the persons ability to cope with real world stressors

Accelerate Metabolism

Metabolism has been measured to increase up to 350% during a plunge. Chilly temperatures trigger shivering which helps your body produce heat 5 times faster than normal. You are burning more calories in the cold plunge than you would at rest.

Increase Circulation

Ice water puts your body into survival mode. Your body starts to work hard to maintain its core body temperature, stimulation an increase in blood flow and improved circulation to deliver oxygen and nutrients to areas of the body that need to recover. 

Discover The Healing Power of the Plunge!

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