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Ultimate Tru Human Protocol

Train Like a Super Human!

Harness the power of 3 of Earths most important elements and train like a super human at Tru! Restore order in your body with the power of magnetism, oxygen, and light in that order. 

3 Steps To Super Human

Step 1: Magnetism

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF)

Step 2: Oxygen

Exercise With Oxygen Training (EWOT)

Guy doing Exercise with Oxygen

Step 3: Light

Photo-Biomodulation Therapy (PBMT)

Magnetism (PEMF)

Just by laying on a PEMF mat you will raise your cells voltage. This increases communication between the cells and enhances self healing. By using a low power PEMF mat you can recharge your whole body on a cellular level. This causes your cells to repel eachother which then increases microcirculation and allows the cells to take in more oxygen and nutrients.

Oxygen (EWOT)

Superoxygenate your body. An oxygen generator is used to fill up a bag of full oxygen. After the bag is full, connect an oxygen mask to the bag and put it on. Then do a 15 minute workout with the mask on utilizing High Intensity Interval Training. What you are doing is creating an oxygen rich environment while your heart is pumping thus delivering oxygen to healthy cells. Doing this after PEMF causes oxygen uptake to be its highest due to the high voltage cells not clumping.

Light (PBMT)

The final step is the application of red light and near infra-red light. We have multiple options at Tru Functional health including our red light saunas and contourpod. While using one of our red light services, photons are being delivered to your damaged cells creating energy and causing them to become more healthy and stable.

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PEMF~O2~Cold Plunge~Red Light/Infrared~Loop Brain

Why Cold Plunge?

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