Uncover Your Superhuman!

Breath is the ultimate compass of peak performance and longer life. Find your fitness superpower by unlocking your breath. The first nutrition and training program personalized to your metabolism with clinical precision. Meet PNOĒ.

Built For Your Fitness Journey

Whether you are looking to lose weight, beat your last time or live longer, PNOĒ is the only program that can guarantee success. Here’s why:

Weight Loss

PNOĒ provides an average of 8% weight loss. Metabolic slowdown is the number 1 reason diets fail.

Athletic Performance

Reduce your race times by an average of 14% with PNOĒ. O2 flow through the lungs heart and cells is the hallmark of performance.


Decrease your biological age by an average of 5.2% with PNOĒ. O‍2 flow through lungs, heart, and cells is the strongest predictor of longevity and chronic disease.

How PNOĒ Works

With a quick non-invasive breath test, our experts measure 23 biomarkers that asses your vital areas including metabolism, cellular function, heart and lung fitness, fat-burning efficiency, and biological age.

After the test, you are paired with a metabolic specialist who creates goals for your future focusing on weight loss, mental health, performance, sexual health, and longevity. This personalized treatment includes a nutrition plan as well as lifestyle recommendations that go hand in hand with our services to help you reach your goals and full potential.

Data Driven Insights For a Better You

PNOĒ analyses your body’s key metrics. Your test results will allow you to realize your fitness potential in a matter of months.


7% increase in metabolic rate

Breathing Mechanics
7% decrease in breathing rate
Heart Fitness

17% reduction in heart disease risk


5.2% increase in lung capacity

Fat Burn

3% increase in fat burn efficiency


4% increase in cognitive function

Lung Fitness

17% reduction in lung disease risk

VO2 Max

3.5 ml/min/kg increase in VO2 Max


5 years reduction in biological age

Take Your First Steps Toward a Better You!

Paired with the PNOĒ Precision app, you will get daily reminders to keep track of your nutrition, exercise, and breathwork programs. With all access right at your fingertips, focusing on your progress has never been more convenient. Schedule your breath analysis test today to get started!