I recently came across a statistic in which the average American gained 30 pounds during the pandemic – with Millenials gaining the most at 41. 41!!!!! A couple days later I came across an article in Harvard Health Publishing which found that the average weight gain from February to June 2020 (from 270 self reporting middle aged adults) was about 1.5 pounds per month. If this trend continued to at least June 2021, then the amount would be 25 pounds!!!

The average person has become overweight and unhealthy – both physically and mentally. In short, we’re eating more (or the same), moving less, spending more time on devices, not enough time outside and we’re constantly stressed out.

If you gained weight, then you’re not alone because countless individuals did the same, I mean it’s hard not to do with everything we’ve all been through over the past 2+ years. Not to mention the temptations in good tasting, nutrient absent foods everywhere. But there’s good news! All this can be reversed and you can feel better than you’ve ever felt. It starts with the decisions you make and by reading this you’re moving in the right direction.

The body is incredibly resilient and wants to heal itself. You, the individual, needs to assist in it’s natural healing process by supplying it with the proper food, proper sleep, movement and exercise, enough water and supplementation. Healing modalities (such as HBOT and IV’s) are a great way to enhance the healing process as well.

But where do you start? It’s all so much and overwhelming. You start slow and with the basics because your body needs time to “detox” and get rid of the inflammation. Begin with making better food choices, turning the TV off to get a good night’s sleep and drinking sufficient amounts of water throughout the day. Next, add in some exercise (if you don’t already). Go for a walk or find an outdoor activity you enjoy, take the dog to a new park for a hike, do some yard work, etc. If you’re looking for motivation consider this question – Have you ever regretted a workout, regardless of how rigorous? I’d imagine the answer is overwhelmingly no.

We’d be honored to share this journey with you and support you in making healthy lifestyle changes. Our team is truly dedicated to help people heal and improve their daily wellness. Aside from our healing modalities (HBOT, IV’s, PEMF mat), we can also provide nutrition and lifestyle consulting. For further information on how we can assist in your journey, feel free to contact us at 585-426-8969 or email at trufunctionalhealth@gmail.com.